Dr. Oren Livio

Research Interests: Discourse Analysis, Communication and Space, Communication and Protest, Nationalism, Citizenship and Militarism.


E-mail: olivio@com.haifa.ac.il

Room: Rabin Complex 8049

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Oren Livio received his Ph.D. from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania (2011), his M.A. from the Department of Communication at the University of Haifa (2005), and his B.A. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2002, communication and psychology majors). His research focuses on the ways in which people make sense of abstract concepts such as nationalism, citizenship, and military service in their everyday lives. He also studies theoretical implications of the relationship between discourse and space, particularly in contexts associated with civic participation, protest, and the use of technology. His research has been published in leading communication research journals, including Journal of Communication, Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism, and The Communication Review.

Courses taught: Approaches to Discourse Analysis, Communication and Space: Media in Physical and Virtual Landscapes, Language and Media, New Media and Community, Critical Discourse Analysis, The Image of Journalism in Popular Culture.

Selected Publications:

Livio, O., & Katriel, T. (2013). A fractured solidarity: Communitas and structure in the Israeli 2011 social protest. In P. Werbner, M. Webb & K. Spellman-Poots (Eds.), Beyond the Arab spring: The aesthetics and poetics of popular revolt and protest. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Livio, O. (2012). Avoidance of military service in Israel: Exploring the role of discourse. Israel Studies Review, 27(1), 78-97.

Livio, O. (2011). Performing the nation: A cross-cultural comparison of Idol shows in four countries. In A. Hetsroni (Ed.), Reality television: Merging the global and the local (pp. 165-188). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Livio, O. (2010). Reds, white and blue: The dialectical construction of Zionism through the Communist other in the Israeli press. Journalism, 11(5), 549-566.

Hampton, K. N., Livio, O., & Sessions Goulet, L. (2010). The social life of wireless urban spaces: Internet use, social networks, and the public realm. Journal of Communication, 60(4), 701-722.

Hampton, K. N., Livio, O., Trachtenberg, C., & McEwen, R. (2010). The social life of wireless urban spaces: Photo essay. Contexts, 9(4), 52-57.

Tsfati, Y., & Livio, O. (2008). Exploring journalists’ perceptions of media impact. Mass Communication & Journalism Quarterly, 85(1), 113-130.

Livio, O., & Tenenboim Weinblatt, K. (2007). Discursive legitimation of a controversial technology: Ultra-Orthodox Jewish women in Israel and the internet. The Communication Review, 10(1), 29-56.