Prof. (Emerita) Tamar Katriel

Research Interests: Ethnography of communication, intercultural communication, communication and activism, anthropological approaches to media studies, rhetoric of public discourse in Israel.

Tel.: 04-824-9143


Room: Rabin Complex 8037

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Tamar Katriel received her PhD from the department of Speech Communication at the University of Washington, Seattle in 1983. She has held a faculty position at the University of Haifa, Israel, ever since. Her areas of teaching and research include the Ethnography of Communication,  Intercultural Communication and Discourse Studies. She has been a visiting scholar in a number of American Universities, including The University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, The University of Texas, Austin, Rutgers University, and Harvard University. She is author of several books and a range of articles that appeared in Communication, Sociolinguistics, Anthropology, and Education journals.

 Selected Publications:


Dialogic Moments: From Soul Talks to Talk Radio in Israeli Culture (Wayne State University Press, 2004);Performing the Past: A Study of Israeli Settlement Museums (Erlbaum, 1997); Communal Webs: Communication and Culture in Contemporary Israel(SUNY Press, 1991);Talking Straight: Dugri Speech in Israeli Sabra Culture (Cambridge University Press, 1986).

Selected articles

Katriel, T. & N. Shavit (2013) “Speaking Out: Testimonial Rhetoric in Israeli Soldiers’ Dissent.” Versus: Quaderni di Studi Semiotici 116: 81-105.

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Katriel, T. & N. Shavit (2011) “Between Moral Activism and Archival Memory: The Testimonial Project of ‘Breaking the Silence’.” In O. Meyers, M. Neiger, & E. Zandberg, eds. On Media Memory. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 77-87.

Katriel, T. (2009) "Soldiers as Witnesses: Inscribing Narratives of Occupation in Israeli Popular Memory". In M. Keren & H. Herwig, eds. War Memory and Popular Culture. McFarland Publishers, pp. 150-165.

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