The annual 'Communicating' (Metaksherim) graduate student conference was held on Dec. 1; Keynote speaker: Prof. Lance Holbert (University of South Carolina)

Metaksherim -- The annual communication graduate student conference in memory of Mark Biano

University of Haifa, Hanukah, 1.12.2013 (Poster, Abstracts - mostly in Hebrew; FB event)

Keynote speaker: Prof. Lance Holbert (University of South Carolina)

The conference enables communication research students to present their research. Our objective is to establish a social network of young scholars that could take an active part in communication research in Israel. The papers presented showcase a wide range of communication-related topics which emphasize diverse theories and methodologies. The conference is dedicated to the memory of Mark Biano, an outstanding student, loved teaching assistant and a reporter of “Hadashot Haifa Bakvalim”. Mark was murdered in a terror attack at Maxim restaurant in October, 2002, together with his wife, Naomi.

Photos (Credit: RD)

Keynote lecture: Political Satire and the Production of Democratic Outcomes


Political satire is a diverse, multi-faceted form of political discourse that is evident in the media systems of democratic societies across the globe. Its diversity has led many to argue that it is impossible to put forward a proper definition that encompasses all of its many types, and all extant definitions have been met with much criticism.  This area of research needs a well-formulated definition of political satire and a definition of this unwieldy communicative act will be presented.  Once a definition of political satire is put forward, a theoretical model will be outlined detailing the macro-social dynamics and conditions from which political satire can gain the power needed to influence democratic processes and outcomes.  A model of this kind is necessary in order to aid recent theoretical and empirical advancements made on political satire influence at the individual-level of analysis and to pull this area of research out of and away from the important, but limited insights generated from outlet-specific studies.