Prof. Gabriel Weimann will lecture at the Library of Congress

On April 1, 2014 (Tuesday) at 12:00, Prof. Gabriel Weimann will lecture on "Terrorism in Cyberspace: The next generation", at the Library of Congress (Washington DC). Prof. Weimann is currently a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center.


Science, Technology And Business Division and the Hebrew Language Table at the Library of Congress

in cooperation with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars


Terrorism in Cyberspace:

The Next Generation

 Presentation by Professor Gabriel Weimann

            April 1, 2014 (Tuesday) at 12:00 Noon


3rd Floor, Madison Building, Library of Congress

Gabriel Weimann is a Full Professor of Communication at the Department of Communication at Haifa University, Israel and  a world renowned expert in his field. He is presently at the Woodrow Wilson Center in DC finishing his new book Terrorism in Cyberspace: The Next Generation. His research interests include the study of media effects, political campaigns, persuasion and influence, media and public opinion, modern terrorism and the mass media. He published eight books including The Theater of Terror and Terror On the Internet and has published more than 160  papers and research reports.  Professor Weimann has received numerous grants and awards from international foundations including the most recent grant from the European Union to study terrorism and radicalism in cyberspace. 


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