New Book: Meyers, Zandberg and Neiger: Communicating Awe: Media Memory and Holocaust Commemoration

Oren Meyers (University of Haifa), Eyal Zandberg (Netanya Academic College) and Motti Neiger's (Netanya Academic College) new book, Communicating Awe: Media Memory and Holocaust Commemoration has been published by Palgrave Macmillan.

From the back cover:

How can a society communicate a collective trauma? This book offers a cross-media exploration of Israeli media on Holocaust Remembrance Day, one of Israel's most sacred national rituals, over the past six decades. It investigates the way in which variables such as medium, structure of ownership, genre and targeted audiences shape the collective recollection of traumatic memories. Following their previous conceptual work on media memory, the authors argue that a combination of the aforementioned factors, anchored in the political arena as well as in the realm of media practices and conventions, lead Israeli media to operate on Holocaust Remembrance in a manner that 'acts out' the collective trauma. Thus, the underlying narrative that is performed by the media on Holocaust Remembrance Day frames the Holocaust as a current, ongoing Israeli event, rather than an event that took place in Europe and ended decades ago

Book Cover:

Meyers communicating awe