Colloquium, Nili Steinfeld - סמינר מחלקתי, 22.11.16: נילי שטיינפלד, אפיון תומכים ונענים למעקב מדינתי, מסחרי ואקדמי

Motivations for consent: Characterizing supporters and compliers with state, commercial and academic surveillance

Nili Steinfeld, Ariel U

12:15-13:45, Room 7052, Rabin Complex


In today's modern societies, diverse actors, including governmental, academic and private sector entities, engage in surveillance, primarily the collection, storage, and analysis of personal information. Although the different forms of surveillance differ in scope, authority, aims and motivations, the growing tendency of the various sectors to cooperate and share information, and the penetration of surveillance practices and methods into the commercial and academic spheres make a case for scholars and the public to address surveillance as a single category.

In a series of behavioral experiments, consent and support of surveillance by individuals is examined in an attempt to realize how individuals relate to surveillance and requests to disclose information with diverse entities, and for diverse purposes.

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