PhD Program

The doctoral program is designed to train researchers who will be positioned to take a leading role in the development of the academic study of communication in Israel, as well as to serve in research capacities in both private and public media institutions. The theoreitically-oriented program draws on a variety of disciplines in order to develop a multi-faceted understanding of various communication processes and related phenomena. Students will master their skills through courses and advanced tutorials,. The program is suited to excellent students who are willing and able to conduct the finest communication research.

The Program
All entering doctoral candidates must possess an MA degree, therefore doctoral students are only required to complete four courses, for a total of 16 credits. The courses include:

  • Two core workshops:
    Academic Skills (4 credits)
    Scientific Writing (4 credits)
  • Two elective courses:
    These two courses will be selected according to the student's particular field of study, in consultation with the student's advisor and the approval of the Doctoral Committee (Total 8 credits).
  • Regular attendance at the departmental colloquium (no credits).
Program Structure:The normative duration of studies in the doctoral program is four years. The studies are divided into two stages:

The First Research Stage:
The first research stage will not exceed one year, including the summer months. This stage is intended for the preparation of the dissertation proposal, its submission and approval. Toward the end of this stage students will present their research proposal before a forum of faculty and graduate students. In addition,the proposal will be sent to at least one external reader for an evaluation.

The Second Research Stage:
The second stage will not exceed three years from the semester in which the proposal was approved, including summer months.
This stage is intended for conducting research, writing and submitting the dissertation. At the start of each academic year, each student will submit a progress report to the Doctoral Committee and the Graduate School.
The evaluation of the dissertation will be conducted according to university rules.