Neta Ziskind

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Dissertation Title: Children and the Internet – Discourse of Risks:  The Significance of Institutional Definitions of Risks (Supervisor: Dr. Rivka Ribak)

Neta studies discourse that has to do with children and the internet, specifically with reference to various institutions. Her Doctoral work has to do with the discourse of risk as it is revealed in the definition of risks as pertaining to children by various institutional stakeholders  (which include governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations and commercial companies) , and how each of them proposes to deal with these risks. Special attention is paid to the discourse of management of risks as is revealed in the the cooperation between these stakeholders.

Research Interests

Children and Media
New Media and Education
Culture Studies


BA: English Studies, including teacher certificate, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (magna cum laude)
MA: Communication Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (magna cum laude). MA thesis: Poll Questions as Discouse Indicators (Supervisors: Prof. Yaacov Shamir and Prof. Shoshana Blum-Kulka)


Shamir, J., Ziskind, N., & Blum‐Kulka, S. (1999). What's in a question? A content analysis of survey questions. Communication Review, 3(4), 353-377. Reprinted in Bulmer, M., & De Vaus, D. A. (2004). Questionnaires (Vol. 4). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Abridged version appears as the entry "Question wording as discouse indicators" in Lavrakas, P. J. (Ed.), (2008). Encyclopedia of survey research methods. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Conference Presentations

Ziskind, N. (2006). Survey Question Wording as Discourse Indicators. Israeli Association for the Study of Language and Society, The Open University of Israel (June 4, 2006).

Ziskind, N. (1998). Question Wording as Discourse Indicators. International Communication Association, ICA Conference. Jerusalem, Israel (July 21-24, 1998).

Courses Taught

Course "Growing Up with Television and the Internet". Department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication. The Open University of Israel.

Course "Communication and Culture". Department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication. The Open University of Israel.